Make Calcite Web available in Portal Home Configuration

02-14-2018 10:35 AM
Status: Implemented
Occasional Contributor

Portal for ArcGIS has a home page that looks like it was designed in 2001 using Adobe Dreamweaver. It's absolute garbage. That would be fine except the Portal Home HTML Configuration strips out Javascript, lots of HTML tags and requires inline styling.

I understand not wanting to allow Javascript and such. However, Portal already ships with Calcite-Web. If this framework were made available in the Homepage configuration, that would allow organizations to build some really great landing pages.

Hi John Dye, this idea has been marked as "In product plan" - In a future update, the ArcGIS Enterprise portal will be incorporating the same home page editor that ArcGIS Online has recently implemented, which will allow for much more flexibility when customizing the look and feel of your portal's home page.
Status changed to: Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9 now allows for improved customization for the home page, in a way that matches ArcGIS Online's functionality. This allows for much for flexibility when configuring your home page, and provides a more modern look. For some more infomation, see Configure home page.