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Improving Esri Enterprise Agreement Flexibility for Local Governments: A Proposal for More Customizable User Types

02-23-2023 12:42 PM
Status: Open
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Hello everyone,

I am the Manager of IT & GIS for a small municipality with a population under 10K. Currently, we have around 70 employees and are looking to implement ArcGIS Enterprise using enterprise solutions such as ArcGIS Field Maps and Survey 123.

As a small local government, we face budget constraints when it comes to IT spending. In order to optimize our budget, I believe it would be helpful if Esri could provide more flexibility in their enterprise agreement with local governments.

Specifically, I would like to propose the ability for local governments to choose a total of different user types, rather than being limited to a fixed number of "Creator" user types. While we may not need a large number of Creator user types, we may require a greater number of Field Workers or Editors.

Currently, the cost for each user type varies, with 1 Creator User Type costing approximately the same as 1.4 Field Workers User Type or 2.4 Editor User Type.

For instance, a small local government might not need 50 Creator user types, but would instead benefit from a combination of 10 Creator, 28 Field Worker, and 48 Editor user types.

I believe that having this flexibility in the enterprise agreement would allow us to allocate our budget more effectively and ultimately save our taxpayers' money.

If you agree with this idea, please support it and help us to make a case to Esri for greater flexibility in their enterprise agreements.

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Thank you for your time and consideration.