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Improve the docs: How to "Convert ST_POINT subtype to ST_GEOMETRY supertype"?

06-19-2022 02:49 PM
Status: Open
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Regarding technical article #000011333:

Bug: Unable to define a query layer in ArcGIS where the data source uses an st_geometry subtype in O...

Convert the geometry attribute field from the subtype (for example, st_point) to the supertype st_geometry.

The docs say we should convert the ST_POINT subtype to ST_GEOMETRY supertype. But they don't say how to make the conversion.

The only way I've found so far is to convert to WKB or WKT and then back to ST_GEOMETRY:

--This works, but is clunky and slow:

Is that how Esri recommends we make the conversion? It would help if Esri could explicitly tell us what is meant there. Thanks.

I've tried using the TREAT() function too. But that didn't seem to work properly:
Stack Overflow: Convert UDT subtype to supertype

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In a reply to Create NIL (zero vertex) geometry, I mention that the bug has been updated. It now suggests that we use the st_geometry constructor to convert from subtypes to supertypes. Which seems to work for converting [SDE.ST_POLYFROMTEXT] to [SDE.ST_GEOMETRY].

But that doesn't help me when converting [ST_POINT] subtype to [ST_GEOMETRY] supertype: