Improve the ability to add/delete Map Server cache levels

01-12-2011 02:12 PM
Status: Closed
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ArcCatalog needs a better ability to add or delete Map Server cache levels.

Once you have configured and built a series of cache levels, there is no mechanism within ArcCatalog's > Map Service Properties > Caching tab to add or delete cache levels.

Instead you must use ArcToolbox's > Manage Map Server Cache Scales tool. This tool feels like a bit of an afterthought, which should be integrated into ArcCatalog's > Map Server Properties > Caching tab more effectively.

For example, if this tool exists, and can add/delete cache levels, why are the Add/Delete options greyed out in ArcCatalog? Those buttons should be connected to this tool.

Secondly, the Manage Map Server Caches tool doesn't automatically use the "next" cache level in the ArcGIS Online/Bing/Google levels.

Rather than making us type the values "4513.988705", "2256.994353", etc manually,  these values should be read automatically from a dropdown, as in ArcCatalog.

I agree, the ability to add or delete cache levels should be available in ArcCatalog.

Status changed to: Closed

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your idea! ArcCatalog is in mature support and is no longer receiving active enhancements. If your need is still not met in ArcGIS Pro, please create a new Idea in the ArcGIS Pro Community.