Improve documentation for ST_GEOMETRY() constructor function

06-08-2022 12:08 AM
Status: Open
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Regarding the docs for the ST_GEOMETRY() constructor function:

Idea for improving the docs:
When constructing a polygon via WKT: Could a blurb be added to the docs to make it clear that the last vertex of the polygon needs to be exactly the same as the first vertex of the polygon?

I don't think the docs currently include that information. Key details like that would be very helpful when troubleshooting issues.

I suppose this would apply to the ST_GeomFromText() function too, which does something similar to ST_Geometry().

by Anonymous User

Interesting examples, thank you for this.

Putting the specific error message aside, I wonder if this ArcMap behavior is due to the coordinate system tolerance inherent in spatial domain model that @DerekLaw mentioned in the other post.

WKT has no comparable "model" to discern tolerance, like ESRI products do. So any WKT representation must be exact, but data in ArcMap (perhaps your example coordinates) that fall within the tolerance are therefore considered topologically closed.

by Anonymous User

In my opinion "back and forth" posts are often better for learning than simply reading a correct answer. Good insight that the ArcMap GUI could be hiding the closing point. Sometimes GUI sugar is difficult to peel back when you're dealing with more primitive types. I wouldn't have guessed that from the text since I can't see everything you're seeing.