Hosted Tables need ability to save refresh interval

04-09-2020 02:37 PM
Status: Open
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Good Afternoon,

As everyone knows, the world is heavily involved in the COVID-19 pandemic and GIS is playing a major role. I work at a county law enforcement agency and we are tracking multiple different data types for this pandemic, but we have run into a slight issue that I believe can be fixed with an easy enhancement by ESRI.

We are using hosted tables, as the data we are dumping into our Enterprise environment doesn't require address points. The downside to hosted tables, is that you can set a hosted interval on the hosted table, however there is no option to save it, without creating a web map and setting the refresh interval. The downside to having to have a web-map, is that in order to use the hosted table data in an Operations Dashboard, the web-map needs to be included in the dashboard, which is fine except for the fact that you have to hide the map. 

I believe a great solution would be to add the ability to set and save the refresh interval on the hosted table, just like you can do with a hosted feature class.