Global Bookmarks in Portal

06-08-2021 10:49 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

It would be great to have the ability in an Enterprise Portal (or even AGOL) to specify a bookmarks file as an organization default. The benefit of this would allow every new web map created within the Portal to automatically get all the bookmarks from the organization default added to it.

Currently, we have to either import bookmarks into Pro and share a web map to our Portal for bookmarks to carry through, OR create bookmarks manually in each web map we create. It would be nice if we could set a global bookmark gallery so every map would acquire a certain set of bookmarks by default.


I like this idea a lot! It's certainly something we'd make use of.


I vote for this idea. 

Working on a big project with different environments, as a release management procedure, I need to ensure the contents in the same areas are consistent across the environments. With what currently have, it's not efficient and even painful to do, basically need to re-do everything from each environment. 

if we got this option it would be a pain reliever to any scenario like ours.