Geoportal Enhancement Idea - Publish Client

08-23-2013 08:55 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
Publish client fails to publish documents if there are any invalid documents in the folder. For example - The user specifies a folder containing 10 GEMINI records. One of these records is missing a mandatory metadata element. The result is that none of the documents are uploaded to the geoportal. Could this be changed so that the documents that pass validation are uploaded and the user receives an error report stating which document or documents failed and why? 
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As part of Geoportal Server 2.x development I have created some python scripts that crawl through a network drive, a sitemap, or a web accessible folder and push content to the Geoportal catalog. You can find a Gist for the WAF flavor here: · GitHub The others follow pretty much the same pattern.