GeoJSON Layers in AGOL

01-24-2017 02:39 PM
Status: In Product Plan
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GeoJSON became a formal IETF standard this past August (see GeoJSON – RFC 7946).  As important as OGC standards are to us geo-geeks, IETF standards are important to a much broader range of people.  I think it is good that the folks behind GeoJSON went down the IETF standards route, it shows a maturity in thinking that “spatial isn’t special” when it comes to data and the web.


The reason I bring up GeoJSON becoming a formal standard is that ArcGIS Online still has yet to support adding GeoJSON files from either the web or file into AGOL maps.

AGOL Add Layer From Web dialog box

AGOL Add Layer from File dialog box


When I look at Esri’s Open Vision and read that Esri “support industry and community standards, libraries in every major programming language, integration with common analysis and data management tools, and a growing repository of open-source software,” I wonder what I am missing.  Esri states that “ArcGIS is Standards Compliant” on the Open Standards page, and yet directly loading GeoJSON files into AGOL maps isn’t supported.  I know that KML, GeoRSS, and other OGC standards are supported, but more of the world cares about IETF standards than OGC standards.

I know one can upload a GeoJSON file into My Content and then publish it as a layer to load into AGOL maps, but this falls short for two reasons:  1) it is making a copy of the GeoJSON file and not dynamically referencing it like when KML or GeoRSS web layers are added, and 2) it is more convoluted than loading a CSV or shapefile directly into an AGOL map from one’s computer.


I guess I checked out, or nearly gave up, on this one.  I noticed recently it got changed to "In Product Plan," any updates anyone from Esri can share?


We did add the ability to a GeoJSON from file in the Map Viewer.

Add layers—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS 

However, it sounds more like you are looking for a way to keep the GeoJSON file dynamically up to date in ArcGIS Online. Could you share a few more details about your specific use case?


In short, I want the same functionality for GeoJSON as already exists for KML:

KML file

A KML file contains a set of geographic features.

  1. Choose A KML File and enter the layer's web address in the URL field.

    You should get this URL from the data provider.

  2. Click Add Layer to add the layer to your map.

and GeoRSS:

GeoRSS file

A GeoRSS file is a web feed that includes geographic features and locations. See an example.

  1. Choose A GeoRSS File and enter the layer's web address in the URL field.

    You should get this URL from the data provider.

  2. Click Add Layer to add the layer to your map.

Is the ability to call a dynamic web-based geojson feed in the roadmap yet?


Hello, I think I speak for many when I say that adding a dynamic geojson layer from a URL would be a gamechanger-- any news on this? As it stands, I can add such a data feed as a layer in desktop QGIS and many web frameworks; and I can add dynamic KMLs and geoRSS to AGO as noted above-- so why this hole in functionality?



The use cases are pretty thoroughly discussed in . Importing a GEOJSON file for one time, static use is not useful and shouldn't even be considered when every other GIS platform supports dynamic GEOJSON end points (QGIS, Leaflet, Mapbox). 


Hi everbody,

are there any updates to a schedule for implemeting support of dynamically added geojson?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Within an AGOL interactive map, we are wanting to display calendar events that are managed in Drupal and shared as a GeoJSON service.


Any updates on this much needed functionality?


Hi, we still do not understand why AGOL does not offer this functionality.

This would be helpful to make mashups with online geojson live data sources from other providers and open data portals.

The JS API already provide this functionality :

Integrating a geojson file and make an hosted feature layer in AGOL does not make sens for viewing living/external/open data.

Thank you