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Exclude turned off features for Operations Dashboard charting

11-26-2018 08:11 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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I have a very large data set that I need to set up charting for. When the dashboard is open, the chart widget struggles to make a chart with thousands of features and it bogs the whole thing down.

The features are not set to be visible when the app is opened, but the chart tries to populate anyway. I tried to set a scale-dependency, but that is ignored by the charting widget as well.

If there is a selection, the chart only show selected features. Also, only features within the data frame are charted, but that doesn't help when you are zoomed to the full extent, which users will want to do regularly.

It would be nice if the charting widget did not activate until the features are turned on, or if the user could have some control over whether or not they do. The charting widget area could say, "Please select features for charting." rather than populate automatically with too many features.

This actually applies to all widgets that display data in tabular or summary form or as detailed lists, I think.

Thank you,

Randy McGregor