Enterprise Sites Gallery Special Permission Setting

10-30-2020 06:21 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice if there was an OPTION for the gallery layout to show all cards that is in the specified group even if it doesn't match the permissions that is currently logged in.  So Users see everything that is available to the entire organization.

For example my site is set to see by Everyone. And I have the gallery to pull from a "Water Sites" Group.  Within this group is a combination of application that is shared to Everyone and shared only to "Water Editors" and "Water Sites", not everyone, as they are restricted editing maps.  Right now when you first go to the site you can only see the Everyone shared maps and the individual maps part of the Water editors have to login in to see those maps show up as a card.  It would be nice for the Sites gallery to have an option to show ALL maps associated to the Water Sites Group and if a user clicks on the restricted maps to view it then it prompts the user for their username and password.

The reasoning for this:  I'm using this as an employee only website.  So I want ALL employees viewing the website to see ALL maps available to our organization even if they don't have permission to.  This way they can see all the options available to them and if something changes within their job they can come to me and request permissions on them.  Without them seeing them they might never know that it is an available option.  In addition, we have over 300 people in our organization and I may make one kind of map for one group and another group would be able to see it and say we love that idea can you do the same thing for us.  I wouldn't want to give permissions to that map to the second group because it is just for the first group.

I say make this an option only, because I can also see use for the current setup for some people.

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Came here to post a similar request.

It would be also great to apply specific layout items such as rows and banners to groups. I'm attempting to build my site as a home page for the organisation and we control our content heavily with groups. Right now in test, users with minimal groups see a whole bunch of test banners with no content underneath. I'd like the page to look nice and clean for every user, regardless of what groups they're a member of.