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Enhancement to Upgrade Documentation

09-24-2020 06:58 AM
Status: Open
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   I would like to propose an enhancement to the all Upgrade Documentation. I have had issues when upgrading Geoevent and ArcGIS Servers where I have run into Bugs that have cause me to loose existing functionality, so I have to revert back to the previous version, and wait for the next upgrade. It would be nice to know of bugs pertaining to new versions before making the commitment to upgrade. I acknowledge that there is a pdf of issues addressed with the latest version, but I do not think it lists bugs that are caused by the upgrade, because the bug I ran into is not on this list. There is also no update date on this document, therefore I cannot tell if it is a reliable piece of information to be able to vet whether or not I can upgrade. 

   Therefore I would like to propose more transparency when it comes to new versions and the issues/bug associated with them. We need to be able to properly vet the new version in order to understand the risks of upgrading. 

Thank you for your consideration of this idea.


Joe Guzi

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