Enhance the usage of WFS in ArcGIS Enterprise

03-31-2022 02:37 AM
Status: Open
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When I add an WFS to AGE as portal item, I have only the opportunity to selcet one layer of the service and I have to guess in which geometry/feature type (point, polyline, polygon) this layer is delivered. 

This is uncomfortable. It means, that I have to add serveral portal items for just one service and, if I choose the wrong geometry/feature type, that I don't get any data.


Please implement a multiple choice for layers of one WFS and an intelligent geometry/feature type selection.



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Yes!  And you may want to amend this idea to have Enterprise support mixed geometry WFS, where one WFS layer can contain different geometric primitives.  To my knowledge, nothing supports mixed geometry streams “out of the box”, even though it’s in WFS spec.


Just a small Update for the User Interface in English.

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