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Enhance date fields in feature services to support millisecond

10-15-2020 11:59 PM
Status: Implemented
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Enhance date fields in feature services to support millisecond resolution when adding, editing, or querying features. 

We have feature service which writes date to MS SQL database, even thouth we have datetime2(7) data type fields, feature service writes only seconds. For example - when you try use aply edits operation and put 1543479941234  value to the datetime field, it will be cut to seconds, when you try to force service to write miliseconds (trying "DateTimeField" : "2020-10-06 11:11:11.34" ) it will bee decline by the server. 

It is imposible to use ESRI Feature Service to work with highly accurate time data. 

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Now, date fields in Enterprise Geodatabases can't handle millisecond values if the table/feature class is stored in MSSQL-based Enterprise Geodatabase. In field of geophysics this feature would be essential.

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Status changed to: Implemented

This Idea has been implemented in ArcGIS Pro 3.2. See the tool documentation here: