Enable Immediate Updates for "Replaced" Vector Tile Layers (without requiring client-side browser cache clears)

04-26-2022 08:46 AM
Status: Open
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Our organization is currently using a process that will update vector tile layers in our ArcGIS Enterprise. This process is completed automatically through a Python script:

- A "replacement" vector tile package is created (referencing a map in an APRX).

- The replacement package is shared to ArcGIS Enterprise and published as a tile layer.

- The Replace Web Layer tool is used to swap the updated package/layer for the original layer.

This process works as intended. However, visualization for these layers (feature changes, symbology, etc.) do not immediately update in web maps or apps that contain the vector tile layer. To see any updates, it requires that either the end-user clear their local browser cache, or for some type of daily IIS cache recycling to occur (as is the case in our organization).

Our idea is to implement a form of immediate update, where web maps and apps in ArcGIS Enterprise will immediately display updates to replaced vector tile layers in the same way that updates are immediately displayed when a map/feature service is overwritten.

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I don't think a "immediate update" would be viable; but I think the potential in the Webmap to add a "refresh interval" option similar to Feature-Layers would be logical. 

So at that refresh interval have a check that if the Vector-Tiles had been updated then download again.