Distant and bearing in web maps

07-21-2017 04:39 AM
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Need support for drawing line features in Portal and AGOL with better accuracy in terms of lenght and direction.  We are hoping to use Portal to create a simple utility layout and design tool.  We need a mechanism to draw pipes and conductors to specific lenghts.  One option might be to dynamically display the segment lenght as the feature's endpoint is being positioned.  The ability to enter a specific lenght and azimuth, similar to parametric dimensioning would be most useful.  It would be nice to see this a core editing functionality in AGOL and Portal, but an editing widget for WAB or enhancement to the Smart Editor would be a good start.

Without landbase references or GPS markers, it is difficult to draw a 300ft line at 45 degrees within the web portals.  The measurement tool is not much help, it requires additional clicks and the measurements disappear once you enter edit mode.

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by Anonymous User

eDraw widget  This has bearing.  It is an outstanding custom draw/measurement widget. And perhaps one day Jeremie could add COGO coordinate geometry to it to allow for drawing drawings, by entering coordinates.  That's pretty advanced though. It far surpasses the standard Draw, as it can save and edit drawings and display measurements.  AlsoTom's Measurement shows measurements on the fly which is also really useful.  Measure Widget 2.4 for Web App Builder