Direct access to native layer metadata from web maps

04-26-2019 04:49 PM
Status: Open
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Currently, when you go to the "description" of any element of a web map, web app, or web service, you get only what was saved at the time of publishing. It would be quite useful to enable a view of the actual native metadata for any dataset included in a map service. This would eliminate the need to replicate and manually update metadata through the process of publishing a service.

Currently, if you have a web service with several layers, and their native metadata is updated (in catalog, etc), you must manually copy the description and credits to the ArcMap project (mxd), then re-publish the service. Only then will the layer's metadata be reflected in the web environment. If a given dataset (like parcels, or streets) are used on several services, their metadata must be replicated manually into the each map project used to published each service. This represents a LOT of repetitive manual labor. Viewing the layer metadata directly would eliminate all of that work.


I realize you mentioned an ArcMap mxd, but thought I'd note that this is possible using ArcGIS Pro:



We’re still a long way from implementing Pro for web map publishing, but it would be good to understand just what this capability looks like on a web map. It might provide more motivation to migrate the organization to Pro. The functionality described in your link sounds pretty robust.

Do you have any examples of web maps that provide access to native layer metadata for which you could send me links? That would allow me to put together a long-term plan for integrating metadata into our operation. Right now, everything I see from a web app is what is shown on the the ellipsis to the right of a layer in the layer list widget, and choosing “Description”. So I’d like to see how it’s different for a service published by Pro.



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