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Creating and updating features via a feature view in ArcGIS Enterprise should honor the view definition

03-06-2018 12:57 PM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Feature views in ArcGIS Enterprise are awesome. You can specify attribute and spatial filters as well as choose which fields are visible.

When a user views/queries information from this view, only features matching those preset filters are returned.

However, if the same user either submits a new feature, or submits an edit for an existing feature, where the new feature does NOT match the filters, currently the view silently accepts the edit. This can result in a strange and un-intuitive situation where a user creates/edits a feature, only for it to immediately disappear since they no longer have the ability to view it.

Logically, I believe that the create and update endpoints should be amended so that they reject any attempt to submit a feature that does not match the defined filters. This then would be a more complete implementation of the filtered view acting as a true security permission for those users.

e.g. Fred works in the North Island of New Zealand, and Sue works in the South Island. Currently, I can restrict Fred to only viewing features located in the North Island, but I also want to stop him from creating features located in the South Island.