Convert M-enabled ST_GEOMETRY to WKT — using proper OGC syntax

04-12-2022 01:12 PM
Status: Already Offered
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I have an M-enabled SDE.ST_GEOMETRY polyline FC in an Oracle 18c EGDB.

If I were to convert the ST_GEOMETRY shape to WKT, it would look like this:

select sde.st_astext(shape) as st_to_wkt from test_st_geom
MULTILINESTRING M (( 0.0 5.0 -100000.0, 10.0 10.0 -100000.0, 30.0 0.0 -100000.0),( 50.0 10.0 -100000.0, 60.0 10.0 -100000.0))

The st_astext() function adds an extra 'M' to the text. That extra 'M' doesn't seem to comply with the OGC WKT format. I can't find any OGC/WKT documentation that says there should be an extra 'M' in there for M-enabled geometries.

That extra 'M' causes problems when trying to convert the text from st_astext() to other geomtery types.
Example: Convert M-enabled SDE.ST_GEOMETRY to SDO_GEOMETRY using SQL

Could Esri give us a way to convert M-enabled ST_GEOMETRY to WKT using proper OGC syntax?


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After digging a bit more, I did come across a PDF that mentions 'MULTILINESTRING M': (PDF download). Search the PDF for "MULTILINESTRING M".

So, from that limited evidence, I suppose the extra M might be the correct syntax after all. Maybe the problem is SDO_GEOMETRY, not ST_GEOMETRY.

Could Esri delete this idea? I don’t think I can delete it myself.