Clone ArcGIS Enterprise Sites to Different ArcGIS Enterprise/AGOL Environments

09-30-2020 07:59 AM
Status: Open
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Currently, ArcGIS Enterprise Sites 10.8.1 allows for cloning of Sites and pages inside an ArcGIS Enterprise Portal environment. I'd like the ability to clone an ArcGIS Enterprise Site from one ArcGIS Enterprise Portal environment to another (ex. migrating a Site from Test to Prod environment or from ArcGIS Enterprise Portal environment to AGOL). I realize there are some Python Jupyter Notebooks out there on GitHub, but this should really be an embedded tool/capability as it's likely a common and prominent workflow among ArcGIS Enterprise Sites users. I also recognize there is some backend technology overlap with ArcGIS Hub and so this may very well apply for Hub users as well. Thank you!


This would be really handy.


This is absolutely necessary.  Clone Site, not only from Test to Prod environments, but from domain to domain.  Package everything up and redeploy in another enterprise... 


Also, the need for Cloning (or copying) a page within a Site.



I am facing the same task and you wrote:

"I realize there are some Python Jupyter Notebooks out there on GitHub"

Can you share a link of these Notebooks?

Thanks a lot




Certain items will not clone fine, including map services and image services that use an Enterprise Geodatabase for example. The clone_items() function for transferring the following item types:

Hosted Web Applications built with Web AppBuilder or shared using Configurable App Templates
- Web Maps
- Hosted Feature Layers
- Hosted Feature Layer Views
- Feature Collections
- Survey123 Forms
- Workforce Projects
- Story Maps (classic)
- Operation Views
- Dashboards
- QuickCapture Projects
- ArcGIS Notebooks

Here its possible find more information and the scripts.