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Clarify the docs: Oracle Data Creator role has CREATE INDEX privileges

03-26-2023 04:37 AM
Status: Open
Honored Contributor

Regarding the Privileges for using ArcGIS with an Oracle database docs:

I believe the Oracle Data Creator role has CREATE INDEX privilege (allowing the user to create function-based [spatial] indexes too). But the docs don’t mention the CREATE INDEX privilege.

Could the documentation be improved to include that information?


The phrase in the Esri documentation "Data creator" is just a title for the sort of work a user might do, it is not a reference to any specific Oracle construct such as a Data Creator Role.

Do you still feel that type of user needs to specifically be Granted any Index Privileges ?


@ChrisUnderwood I guess I'm suggesting/assuming that a user that is a Data Creator would be given the CREATE INDEX privilege by default, since creating indexes on a table is possible OOTB in ArcGIS Pro (and therefore also possible when connected to the user in a SQL client like SQL Developer or Toad).

If that's the case, then I figured it would be good if the docs included that information. It might be helpful to let users know that they have the CREATE INDEX privilege in the database (which also lets them create function-based [spatial] indexes). Otherwise, users might not be aware that they have that privilege.