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Change multiple service properties at the same time in ArcGIS Server Manager

03-24-2021 09:21 AM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

Add the ability to select multiple services and change common settings at the same time. Here are some examples of what I have in mind:

  • If nothing is in common then the only option would be to start/stop the services.
  • If all the services are dedicated then allow modifying the pooling settings.
  • If all the selected services are map services then allow changing the operations allowed settings.

One problem with this is what to do when common settings have different values. Should the changes be ignored, should the changes be made with a warning and prompt to continue, or should their be a flag that lets the user decide whether to ignore or overwrite?

I think the idea Filter services listed in ArcGIS Server Manager would help with selecting services to change in bulk.