Bulk Change date format for every date field in Portal and AGOL

01-30-2020 05:26 PM
Status: Open
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ESRI Date Fields are confussing for most of the globe Date format by country - Wikipedia. There needs to be a tool to Bulk change every date field pop up and display to a specified format.

My organisation is relatively small yet I need to manually change the date pop up for 696 Fields each time I kick of a new project. Lest be conservitive and say we can do it in 15 Seconds for each Field thats 3 hours of wasted time and effort. I currently have 19 Projects open, duplicated in Portal and ArcGIS Online.

I would really hate to think how long this would take a large organisation.


We are currently having the same problem, it is deeply frustrating. What makes matters worse is that it seems that date formats need to be changed on a map by map basis, rather than layer by layer.


There is an "ENH-000133768 - When publishing hosted feature layers to Portal (AGOL or ArcGIS Enterprise), the date fields should default to the organization's default date format " that was recently logged requesting date formats to be defaulting to the Organization region settings.


Hi @Irina_Rakhimova , posting here for visibility. How can one track the status of that ENH at as it's been a couple years now?



Apologies for the delay in responding to your post, Zoltan. It does not appear that the enhancement has been made available to the public; it is currently only accessible internally. What I can do is link your organisation to the enhancement, so you can view it on My Esri and choose to escalate it from there if necessary. I am aware that the appropriate Esri team reviews escalations and evaluates the business impact in order to progress the enhancement. Please let me know if you wish to go this route.

Thank you, Irina.


Hi @Irina_Rakhimova  yes please if you could link our org to that Enh , that would be great.

im slightly astonished this doesn’t have more visibility. Have you seen anyone else implement a workaround? Eg running a scheduled script across an environment to ‘correct’ the date format in all popups; or triggering the same from a webhook? If not and we implement that, I’ll be sure to share it here.