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Attribute driven color symbology by arcade rules

12-13-2022 02:36 AM
Status: Open
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We are a large Telco organization in Italy. We are strongly interested into the possibility to have the attribute drive symbology by arcade rules set into an ArcGis Pro project working in the webmap which uses the web feature layers published to ArcGis Portal. At the moment the rules doesn't works on the web feature layer . This could be very useful for a great user experience in a web context . As you can see in the attached screenshot the rules work in ArcGis Pro but not into the webmap


It's sort of there already, have a read of this: 

With a traditional map service, the rules in ArcGIS Pro are drawn through a rendering engine.  Because the rendering engine understands the ArcGIS Pro rules, it can render and send an image that matches the requirements you present.

When you use a web feature layer, the 'server' sends the data as JSON or more likely PBF.  It's raw data and as such there are limited rendering instructions sent.  The Arcade is not present in that 'data' to draw it from the rules in Pro.  However, you can use the Arcade in the Web Map to start to create the symbology.  Note that the rendering is limited in comparison to what you can draw from a Map Image Layer.  

The crux of the matter is that a web feature layer is about sharing data, not cartography, so you have to apply the rules in the web map to set the cartographic properties.

I hope this helps.


We published the web map form ArcGis Pro not only the layers. We have also opened a case to Esri support and an enhancement request has been opened at the end of the analysis. I've shared this requirement on this community to understand if there is anyone else who have encountered this need 


You should be able to take the attribute queries shown in the technical article and use them in Pro to make expressions to make new pop up attributes and symbolize off those.