ArcGIS Server for Home / ArcSDE for Home use (in the Cloud)

06-26-2014 10:49 AM
Status: Open
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You've implemented an ArcGIS for Home use program, e.g. for technical training and volunteer / non-profit purposes. Thanks for that. Now, please consider implementing an ArcGIS Server for Home use program, in the Cloud if necessary. 

A while back, I posted an Idea for implementing an ArcGIS Server for Home program. If you don't want to implement based on media-for-purchase or download, please at least consider providing an AWS AMI that allows installing ArcGIS Server / ArcSDE so one can practice those skills on the latest versions of those products? Even a pre-installed ArcGIS Server / ArcSDE would be helpful (to learn the latest versions and play with configurations).

The alternative to those wanting to learn the latest versions of ArcGIS Server / ArcSDE is what? Requesting trial media? Was hoping with the introduction of Esri product certifications that Esri would have surely implemented an ArcGIS Server for Home by now to assist with that.

Here's the original Idea:
Offer ArcGIS Server for Home / ArcSDE for Home educational-use programs
I thinks many of the larger businesses and agencies that would utilize ArcGIS for Server Enterprise editions would start/purchase or expand/purchase the Arcgis Server software if they had a more talented pool of ArcGIS Server specialists.  So I echo your request, as myself, a long time analyst, would like to learn server but hands on is hard to come by if you don't already work in a server environment.
I fully agree, and I would utilize a home use program.  I don't work in a server enviornment yet (it's comming), but I want to have the hands on knowledge when it comes.  

Plus with the ArcGIS for Personal Use (Advanced license), you would be able to create a Desktop multiuser geodatabase using SQL Server Express as your RDBMS.  All administration is done in Catalog/ArcCatalog.