ArcGIS Enterprise Portal Collaborations with Multiple AGOLs

04-01-2021 02:39 PM
Status: Implemented
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Thanks in advance for anyone's help. 

I've run into a pretty significant limitation with Portal and am wondering what people are doing to try and work around this problem.

When setting up a collaboration between a Portal and an AGOL, it sounds like you are only allowed to have one of these setup at a time. The problem is that we have multiple clients who use AGOL and need to share data out to them from our Portal. With only one allowed at a time, we can't work with multiple clients at a time in the AGOL / Portal environment so have to default  to more basic practices like sharing database files back and forth (not idea!).

Does anyone know

1. Why is this a limitation? Is it something that is being developed and fixed?

2. What is the recommended solution here without taking the data offline (siloed into databases), and without needing to upload all the data to our AGOL site (we have portal for a reason....).

Appreciate the help / insights anyone has to offer. Cheers,


I haven't experienced this but I sure would like to hear the answer.  I can foresee my department needing to collaborate across multiple portals.



Our organization has also discovered this limitation and has engaged Esri through our Enterprise Advantage Program (EAP) Team.  Answer back.  You are correct.  An AGOL Organization must act as collaboration host and this AGOL organization can only host one collaboration.  No clear answer as to why this limitation exists.  This limitation most certainly is inhibiting unscripted "out of the box" Portal to multiple AGOL organization data sharing and AGOL to AGOL data sharing.

Suggest this thread be moved to ideas/enhancements.  Then we can all thumb it up and influence change.

Idea:  In both ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS On Line, permit definition of multiple collaborations as host and/or guest.


Thanks @Todd_Metzler 

I have also since talked with ESRI support and it sounds like there is no plan to make this a feature. I would like to move this to the ideas so some kind of solution can be discussed thread but I need a mod to do so. If anyone knows how to get there attention to do so please let me know.

I am working on a band-aid solution to get data to our clients and once I have validated it works I will share it here for anyone interested. 



Hello, I've moved this post into ArcGIS Enterprise Ideas, so that it may be further engaged with through votes and comments from the community. Thank you!


I was just looking into this because our Planning Department is looking to have several different contractors working on different projects, resulting in at least 3 Hub sites.  I was thinking a collaboration would be good, but had seen that only 1 was allowed at a time and now I am looking for an alternative solution that isn't a pain.

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Hi @JohnDanahy and all who have left comments, 

ArcGIS Online has recently announced Partnered Collaboration, which is a collaboration that's established between two or more ArcGIS Online organizations.

This means that it's now possible to share content from ArcGIS Enterprise to multiple Online organizations by paring up distributed and partnered collaboration. You would establish a distributed collaboration between Enterprise and Online and then a partnered collaboration between that Online organization and other Online organizations. You can use the same group in both the distributed and partnered collaboration so that content is shared seamlessly between all organizations.

I believe that this distributed + partnered collaboration combination should satisfy this idea's requirements. I'm going to mark this idea as Implemented now, but please let me know if your needs are still not met through this method. Thank you!

Status changed to: Implemented

Apologies for mistakenly choosing "Needs Clarification" just now - Correcting the status to "Implemented." Thank you!