ArcGIS Enterprise for Personal Use

05-03-2018 07:13 AM
Status: Open
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This idea is almost identical to one I posted a few days ago - ArcGIS Enterprise Add-on for Essentials and Builder subscriptions

The more I thought about it though, the more I felt that perhaps it were better suited to be a requested enhancement for ArcGIS for Personal Use.

In any case, the ask here is to provide developers who want to learn more about ArcGIS Enterprise on their own dime a cost effective way to do so. Developer subscriptions that include Enterprise start at the ArcGIS Developer Professional subscription, which costs $1,800 per year. For someone doing this on their own dime and who is just trying to get familiar with Enterprise but doesn't currently work for an organization willing to sponsor that subscription - well, $1,800 per year is a lot.

It seems to me that ArcGIS for Personal Use, which is a program targeted for those learning ArcGIS of their own accord would benefit from providing developers with a way to get access to an Enterprise stack so that they could pursue learning the nuances of Enterprise on their own terms (and dime).


I'd like to comment on the cost.  Eighteen hundred ($1800) is nothing when you look at the benefits you gain from having access to the software, comparing against the production / staging core license costs.  To say it is 'a lot' is you are missing the value completely and focusing on the measly 1800. Having my own dev environment has paid dividends 50x over. Think of it as continuing education costs, slightly more than daily coffee runs that puts you in the elite group.  

I'm happy to hear that the current offering works for you.

ESRI allows you obtain a $64,000+ piece of software by purchasing it through the EDN for $1800.  Sorry to hear that free isn't available to meet everyone's needs.  But hey, never know, maybe ESRI will... good luck!