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Allow to print (ExportWebMap) WMS maps including legends

09-21-2016 10:36 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

The export web map task is a common way in web GIS applications to export a map to a PDF (aka print). In the context of SDI and INSPIRE the operational layers include beside ArcGIS mapServices WMS services. The web GIS user expects that the generated PDF contains a legend describing the layers on the map. The legend shuold include all layers from ArcGIS map services as well WMS services. Right now, the WMS services are excluded from the legend, if the size of the legend image exeeds 40x40 pixel.

For descision making processes based on web GIS applications, it is important to document milestones and results. This could be done by exporting the map to PDF, but only if the resulting map is self explaning, that means all symbols are included in the legend. This ensures that the map could be handed over to people without access to the web GIS application or any other GIS system and those people can reproduce the decision maing process. Without the legend the information from the WMS layers has no value, since the map reade does not know what the symbols mean.