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Allow publishing of custom symbol sets

01-07-2021 01:13 PM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

When following Esri's "How To: Configure Portal for ArcGIS with custom symbology" ( you can create a custom symbol set in ArcGIS Portal but it is a very time-consuming process.

There needs to be a way to publish custom symbol sets to ArcGIS Portal. The inability to do this reduces the usefulness of using the Map Viewer to create maps that look like an organization's existing maps. I know when you usually publish from ArcGIS Pro you set the symbology, but if you use Bulk Publishing in ArcGIS Portal you do not get to set the symbology before publishing. 

This could be similar to creating and publishing Style files to ArcGIS Portal, but having a check to make sure that the symbology is supported by the version of ArcGIS Portal that you are publishing to.

This idea ties in with another idea to Expose Symbol Sets as an item visible in ArcGIS Portal