Allow data owners to remove locks on their own data

02-27-2022 01:11 PM
Status: Open
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I'm a data owner in an Oracle EDGB, but not a geodatabase administrator.

When I want to modify the design of my tables via ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro, I spend a lot of time coordinating with users and geodatabase administrators to get them to remove locks on the tables.

It would be better if the geodatabase administrator had a way to optionally allow me to remove locks on my own data.

Could Esri consider adding functionality that would allow data owners to remove locks on their data?


Hi Bud,

I have wondered that many-to-many times too.

I might have already entered an idea for it while being frustrated trying to do the same tasks - even already having the ability to log in as a different user to complete those steps (Hybrid IT).

This is issue goes back to the original Arc/Info coverage and Map Librarian days.

It has always been a very touchy area in GIS/IT as those system/database privileges and responsibilities are often tied to job specifications, training, duties, multi-department/agency responsibilities that fall outside the scope of a GIS job spec.

And each agency is most likely setup unique to "how they do things" such as Centralized vs Hybrid IT, single department/agency, one person shops, etc.

Today I think I would keep it as-is because having access to the back-end of an enterprise geodatabase is no small thing as you step up from shape files and file geodatabases to Portal/AGOL sharing scenarios due to all the various types of multi-user system requirements and types of locks. Having an extra step has kept me from tripping on my own feet many times.

Here are a couple compromises I have heard about:

1) Have all agency data owned and managed by schemas the folks with the agency approved job specifications mentioned above have. Enable editors to edit and workout schema changes together with agreed maintenance windows and procedures.

2) In addition to steps 1, setup different sorts of replicated "synchronized worlds" for editors vs consumers.

3)  Each agency just needs approve some hybrid type options that could grant privileges as needed to enable this functionality or create separate user accounts with the added privileges as needed.