Allow assigning a group to another group for authorization purposes

04-27-2021 08:11 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

The use case is as follows:

I have different groups of people (like Engineering, Accounting, etc.). I'd like to have one Portal group for each of these group of people.

I also have different apps (made up of multiple Portal items), so I would like to have different Portal groups to grant access to these apps (App 1 Group, App 2 Group, etc.)

It would be great if I could assign the groups of people directly to the app group. This will make assigning permissions to apps and adding new members considerably more straightforward.

In the current way of assigning permissions,  not only I need to share each app item with the groups, but all these other items that are part of the app as well (multiple web maps and web scenes, layers, etc.).

If I could assign a group to another group, then I could:

  • Share all the app components with a single group (Say App 1 Group)
  • Make the Engineering group a member of "App 1 Group".

This way I don't need to share each of the app's components with the Engineering group (or other people's groups).

This is similar to Active Directory, where you can assign a group as a member of another group.

Note: I don't want to assign the members of one group to another (this is already possible), but the group itself. So if I add a new member to the people's group then those automatically have access

Idea came from this post.