Allow ArcGIS Enterprise Builder to automatically acquire, install and bind SSL Certificates

01-14-2019 01:41 PM
Status: Open
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ArcGIS Enterprise Builder is a great way to quickly spin up a Base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment with almost no work required of the user. However, one big exception is that you need to acquire, install and bind an SSL Certificate to port 443 on your Web Server. 

This is not very hard to do. However, its important to remember that there are really two groups of users that leverage Enterprise Builder; Developers that want to quickly spin up a local dev environment on their machine and have the technical skills to do this or Administrators that are not technically inclined and do not have the technical skillset necessary to setup a base deployment manually.

For this latter group, asking them to acquire, install and configure an SSL Certificate is probably a significant ask. offers free SSL Certificates and these can be acquired, installed and even managed using an ACME v2 client.