Allow AGO and Enterprise to be a Webhook Receiver

07-14-2020 03:29 PM
Status: Open
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Allowing AGO and Enterprise to also receive webhooks (in addition to generating), greatly enhances the ability to fully build out automation solutions and allows much easier integrations. The GIS when receiving a webhook could trigger a GP tasks or a notebook as an example. This overall could be a more accessible way to customise and complete advanced integration or workflows without having to have full developer skills or need to understand the APIs. Here is just one workflow example (but the sky's the limit!). An organization has a call-center system. It is not a geo-enabled database, but call takers do take in the caller's address. It could be configured, that when this new record is created to send the caller's address in the payload of the webhook back to the GIS. Upon receipt, the GIS could geocode the address, then create a open work order in Workforce for the organization to follow up. Upon following up, the field worker completes the work order in Workforce which then triggers a webhook out of the GIS back to the call-center system so that the record there can show action was completed. The key to this workflow example is that it must be bi-directional. Being able to integrate systems together via webhooks is far more efficient and simpler than trying to programatically develop a interface between systems and does not necessarily require developer skills (but a power user probably could).

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