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AGOL/Portal map : allow to disable a layer for Collector

01-31-2017 06:29 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

In AGOL/Portal maps, it would be great having the capacity to disable some layers  for use in collector.

With this fonctionnality, you could have a single map to use in collector (including offline use) and directly in portal/AGOL with additionnal layers (for example, layers which prevent the map to be use offline in collector).

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Thank you for posting this idea!

If possible, I'd like to understand your workflows and challenges more deeply here to better give context to this idea. Typically we promote that map creators should author maps specifically for use with Collector, and then new maps can be authored for other purposes which interact with the same datasets. That way, edits made through Collector will persist throughout other maps which "touch" the same layers.

With that said, are there aspects of this workflow which do not work for you, or reasons why authoring multiple maps are not possible which you can expand on here?