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AGOL / Portal filters - add "not in any Category / Group" posibility

02-04-2022 08:31 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

In AGOL / Portal sections of Gallery / Groups / Content I´m able to filter content by "assigned to ..." statement. But I´m not able to find items which aren´t assigned to any Category / Group / ...

(We decided to assign each item to at minimum one Category, Group, ... to be able to filter data easily. But unfortunately we are not able to find items which were "forgotten" without assignment.)

=> Please, add the "not in any Category", "not in any Group" statements to Gallery / Groups / Content filters of AGOL / Portal.

Thank you.


I second this idea. Love the ability to create custom categories to organize my organization's content but really need a way to have a NOT in any category and NOT in these specific categories to be able efficiently whittle down uncategorized content.


My current workaround to having a inclusion/exclusion filter built in to the interface is to use boolean operators with the advanced search. For example, I would type something like the following in the search bar to filter down to content that has not yet been organized:

NOT categories:"Basemaps" AND NOT categories:"Web Maps" AND NOT owner:esri_apps


@DavidWittmann thank you for your input! That is a great workaround! Hopefully the filters can be added in future, but I found this helpful.


This seems like really basic 'no brainer' to me! This would help us admins out a lot. Please consider adding this to a new release in the near future!


@DavidWittmann Very clever! I will try this thank you for your input.