Add support for time aware and multi-dimensional cached services (wmts/rest)

02-15-2022 04:57 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

There is a lot of support for multi-dimensional data in the desktop environment but when publishing to ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Image Server there is no ability to cache a multi-dimensional or time aware service.

The WMTS standard does have a dimension component, which has been implemented in other software.

My organisation (weather bureau) publishes forecast and observational data, vector and raster data types, to the public and gets billions of hits a year. Our radar service in our app delivers ~15 billion tiles per month. This amount of usage cannot be supported by a dynamic service, even using CRF.

To support this requirement we are currently using a third party software that adds a lot of overhead to our it support and complexity to our development of services.

The new ArcGIS Imagery for ArcGIS Online beta did seem to have some of this functionality as it prompted to add a tiled service from a multi-dimensional NetCDF or CRF.

Even adding the ability to request an image service in tiled mode to enable the use of a CDN would be great.

Example endpoint: https://server.domain/arcgis/rest/services/radar/time/z/x/y.png