Add KML functionality for map services secured with tokens

12-09-2013 04:43 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
PROBLEM: For map services secured with the ArcGIS Token Server, there is no KML export. The "Generate KML" links on the REST pages are missing.

SUGGESTION: Make KML export available with the token-secured map services. 

COMMENTS: I suspect this is because Google Earth doesn't know how to navigate the token server. I know Google Earth can use Basic authentication, so here are two ideas: 
1) Something like the like proxy page solution ( where I can generate a token and embed it in my page, and that connects through to KML. I then secure that page with the rest of my web applications. 
2) Something like the old ArcIMS WMF or WFS connectors, where it is a separate app I install. 
3) Something that enables Basic or Form-based auth or whatever Google Earth can navigate. 

I would even be ok with building my own connector, but right now, there is nothing to connect to! As soon as I secure the map service (or it's folder), the KML export options are gone.