Add Data to Replica Without Having to Delete/Recreate

11-19-2021 10:30 AM
Status: Open
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There is a post from 2010 about this which has been dormant since 2013.  I'm hoping that a refresh of this idea catches some new eyes!  I work with SDE replica management almost daily at my job.  It can be extremely cumbersome to simply add a single new feature class/table to an existing replica.  This includes: Unregistering the replicas, deleting out potentially large amounts of data from the child database which can be problematic with data locks, stopping Web Services (subsequently WebMaps) in which the data may be involved, paying careful attention to any scripts in which the data may be involved, etc.  The risk of something going awry is quite high with how complex it can be to recreate a replica.  It takes 10 seconds to unregister a feature class/table from an existing replica...I'd love there to be a quicker, easier and less risky way of adding to one!


Hi Christopher,

My work around is python script in the evening to disconnect users and and 'AcceptConnections' to false.  Update the data with no locks and the Replica still on the data.  'AcceptConnections' to true again.

If it is a quick update, without Python script, you can connect as sde - remove locks and quickly update the data if no one is connecting.  Again, after hours when no one is on the system is ideal.  



Hi Trina,

Thanks for the reply.  In your workaround are you saying you are able to add a previously uninvolved feature class into an existing replica without deleting and recreating the replica?  According to the ESRI documentation, there isn't a way around that thus the basis of my "idea"




I would like to second the idea, and add further the ability (that existed in ArcMap) to update a replicated schema via a process of exporting the schema changes and importing them.  Similar to adding a new feature class to an existing replica that can't be done currently with workflows in Pro.  If you add fields to an existing replicated feature class it is quite cumbersome to close connections, delete the data, re-replicate, re-grant permissions etc.