Add ArcGIS Server option to force local cache clearing after an ArcMap session

03-31-2014 11:12 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Please add an option for ArcGIS Server Map Service publishers to allow local caching of tiled services that clear out the local cache after each ArcMap session.

Currently in ArcMap there is an option on Map Services that allows tiled services to be cached locally, and then cleared when the session ends.  This is a happy medium between using the same cache forever(even if the tiles on the server are updated) and not using a cache at all (super slow)

However, ArcGIS Server administrators don't have this third option when they publish map services.  Currently our ArcGIS server administrators will not enable caching of our tiled services since they are concerned users will not delete their caches manually and thus could be using older tiles that might be updated.  I think if they had an option they could control that forced the user's PC to clear the cache for their service, this would provide assurance users have the latest data, and they can have the speed boost of a local cache.

Thank you