Ability to backup and restore a single StoryMap

02-13-2020 11:50 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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As a GIS Admin, I can use webGISdr to backup ArcGIS Enterprise base deployment. If any of the systems go down I can restore the whole system and the user content. I take weekly backups so worst case our business loses 5 days of work. That's a risk we are willing to take. This is all great!

What if I needed to restore a single StoryMap, Dashboard, Site, or Insights? Does ESRI currently have a way to restore a single item? For complex items, this could save 5-10 hours of work, maybe more for larger StoryMaps that have continuous editing.

If no capability exists at this time, please consider this for a future enhancement.

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Hi William,

Are you using delete protection for your items by chance? If so, is that helping to mitigate the issue?

What would be your ideal workflow for backing up individual items?



People who are interested in this idea may find this tool useful. Snapshots by CartoLab 

Like the idea for the tool.

Our instance is ArcGIS Enterprise (disconnected), so stopped watching the video since tool is focused on ArcGIS Online.

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Thank you Hilary,

I did show the user this option. Before, the user was using items in multiple storymaps...he is now informed how deleting maps/layers/items from one storymap impacts  more than one storymap.

Hope you are doing well and getting out on the bicycle often.



Thanks William! You too 🙂

Stay tuned on the release notes for the upcoming release (10.8.1) - we may have a good initial solution for you.