Zoom scales in ArcGIS Earth

02-25-2019 06:37 AM
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Is possible to set the zoom scales in ArcGIS Earth as in ArcMap, see attached gif? I tried the Settings, config.xml and a little bit ArcGIS Earth Automation API, but no luck so far.

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Hi @MalikThrane1 ,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us to improve ArcGIS Earth. Zoom scales in 3D scene is not as accurate as it is in 2D, which is the attached gif of  ArcMap. But  your idea gave us a new perspective in improving the navigation experience in Earth and we would prioritize. In the upcoming 1.13 release, Earth would have visibility range settings for individual layers. You would see the indicator representing the current zoom scale on the panel. Please try this new feature once released and hope it could help.

Additionally, if you'd like to share your detailed workflow with us via ArcGISEarth_Feedback@esri.com ,  the user case will be recorded to help us research on this topic.


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