geolocated world map

10-19-2020 08:26 AM
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I everybody, I'm new to this world and I need some help.

I have a map with 4 different files  ( dbf - index - php - shx ).

I’d like to know (and how) if those files are enough to « build » a geolocated map with arcgis

thanks for your answers


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Esri Contributor

Hi Alexandre,

Glad to answer your question. 

You can download ArcGIS Earth form  ArcGIS Earth | Visualize, edit KML, and share on a 3D Globe. And ArcGIS Earth supports to load and view shapefiles.

The workflow are as followed.

And then you can  see the data. Also, tap the data and you will see the attributes of it.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. And you can send an email to ArcGISEarth_Feedback <> to consult more.