Configuring KML pop-up balloons within ArcGIS Earth?

10-06-2020 07:44 AM
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I have KML files that are produced from an internal non-GIS system.  I notice big differences in the way the pop-ups in ArcGIS Earth display compared to Google Earth.  It does not display the <name> tag as the header, and the information within extended data is not showing as a clean table.

Is there a way to configure the pop-up display within ArcGIS Earth?  Or is there a different tag that ArcGIS requires to display the pop-up header and format the extended data to display more cleanly?

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The only option I'm aware of for configuring the kmz pop-up is to right-click the feature, click Properties, click Info tab, and select HTML. However, any changes would be just for that one feature and the configuration would be lost once you exit. 

Perhaps you can play around with the HTML for one feature until you have it configured the way you'd like. Then use that to construct the html on the backend??

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