ArcGIS Earth App Crashing

10-30-2022 12:30 PM
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I just started using the ArcGIS Earth App for iOS.  I tried to access one of my feature layers and the app crashes immediately.  After that point, it crashes each time it is opened unless I uninstall the app and reinstall it.  And then if I attempt to open the feature layer again, the cycle starts over.  Any ideas? 

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Thanks for your use and feedback. I will follow up on your problem and solve it for you. Therefore, I have the following details that I would like to confirm so that we can locate and find the cause of the problem.

1. Is there any problem when you add any feature layer? If the problem is caused by some special feature layer, would you please share this data with us?
2. Have you encountered similar problems with other data types for loading? Or have you encountered similar problems with previous versions of Earth?

If possible, share the answers and your device information, model, system version, and application version to us. You can send it to our email(, so as to protect your privacy.

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