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Drone2map QR codes for GCPs

06-22-2023 06:35 AM
Status: Open
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Adding the capability to Drone2map of using QR codes for GCP to aid in georefrencing process.

If D2M can read QR codes to assist in estimating links in the image links editor then DRM could read the GCP number to differentiate between GCP. Make better estimates on determining which GCP is in what images.

Using a  convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to see control QR photos then perform the georeferencing process faster and more accurately would hopefully aid in a more accurate stitching.

Something like this -

If this would be added to drone2map it would make stitching process flow faster and more efficient.


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Hi @BillsWesley 

I'm also interested in this topic. 

Have you managed to use QR Code in drone2map?


Thank you!