Need help with opening ArcGIS 10.1 app (issue of setup/installation)

01-26-2016 08:40 PM
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Hi all, I am new to ArcGIS and I have the student 10.1 180-day trial version. I had installed and authorized the program on a desktop computer with no issues, but due to issues related to mobility, I had to de-authorize it and install it on my laptop. The installation went as it did on my desktop, except every time I go to open the application I am told to “select the destination folder where the package should extract the files to.” I use the same destination it was installed under C:Use\me\Document\ArcGIS 10.1. If I choose OK, I am then asked to overwrite the existing files, to which I always choose “Yes to All.” Then it goes through a process of extracting files for set up. After the installation files are successfully extracted I choose “Launch the setup program” where it then opens the Desktop Setup. In the set up, I am given three options for Application Maintenance: Modify (change which app features are installed), Repair (Reinstall missing or corrupt files, registry key, and shortcuts), and Remove (uninstall from the computer). I have done both the Modify and the Repair, multiple times, but the app continues to take me through the extract->install->app maintenance. The specific application I am opening is the ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop, which worked fine on my desktop. I’m afraid to uninstall the app because I think I have used up the amount of times I can authorize a computer for the specific code I have from the book. I don’t even remember going through this process on my desktop, so I’m not sure why it keeps making me reextract and reinstall it every time. I have yet to actually access the program on my laptop since I originally installed it (recently). If anyone has any suggestions, please share them with me.



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Bridget, *

ArcGIS for Desktop is distributed by Esri as a self extracting zip. When you launch that program it does exactly what you describe -- it extracts the installer and then offers to run it (actually just a check-box to prevent it from running after extraction).

It only needs to be extracted and run once!

After that you need to run the ArcGIS Administrator dialog to complete activation and authorization.

Answered similar in this thread -- Student Version - ArcGIS Error Message

You may be out of luck with reusing the 180-day EVA code that came with your text.  Esri Press | GIS Books & Tutorials - Buy Books Online

They are not intended to be rearmed. But you can go ahead and try to deauthorize from your Desktop install  issuing from a command window:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ArcGIS\bin\softwareauthorization.exe" -s -return all

And then try to reuse it on the laptop from the ArcGIS Administrator dialog--Authorize now... wizard.

You might do better to just obtain another EVA authorization code from school, or the 60-day trial authorization from Esri. Or go ahead and purchase your own Home-use seat ArcGIS for Home Use Program | ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced for Personal Use (US$ 100)


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Thank you Stuart for you swift reply. I'm still not exactly sure what was going wrong because I had already authorized it after the first time I had extracted the files and installed the program... I ended up starting from the beginning and reinstalling it all over again, and now it works completely fine.

Thank you again for the help!

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