upgrade requirement not met

03-06-2020 05:18 PM
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There is already a thread about this, but there was no activity in it for about 2 years, so I make a new thread about it.

So I'm trying to install ArcGis for Desktop 10.6.1 on my computer. But after extracting the files, it's checking the space needed by ArcGis, and then this page appears

Does somebody knows what I need to upgrade or uninstall ?

(Sorry for my bad english, I'm French, still learning)

Thanks for the answers

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this indicates that you have one or more ArcGIS products on the machine that must be uninstalled before you can install this setup.

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I've delete a lot of programs (but there was any from ESRI) and this is the left programs, but it's still not working, I don't understand...

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Hi Tom,

It may be some profile data remaining in your AppData folder (mine is C:\Users\DaveP\AppData).

If you cant see this folder in your C:\ drive, it may be hidden, just go to 'view' and tick the 'show hidden items' box.  This is dependant on OS though.

Before you delete or rename the Esri folders, try to install the software on a different profile to check this is causing the problem.

Bonjour Tom,

Il se peut que certaines données de profil restent dans votre dossier AppData (le mien est C:\Users\DaveP\AppData).
Si vous ne pouvez pas voir ce dossier dans votre lecteur C:\, il peut être masqué, allez simplement dans 'voir' et cochez la case 'afficher les éléments cachés'. Cela dépend cependant du système d'exploitation.
Avant de supprimer ou de renommer les dossiers Esri, essayez d'installer le logiciel sur un profil différent pour vérifier que cela cause le problème.

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I tried with another account on my computer with the administrative rights, but it didn't work, it's only really quicker at displaying the same error message, I don't know if it could help us to know this...

And then i deleted the "ESRI" file in AppData, but it didn't work

I'm on Windows 7 Pro 64 bits

Maybe it could be a probleme of registry, my teacher which is our contact with ESRI mentionned this..I don't know

Anyway, thanks for your fast answers

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can you please share a couple of things with us?  First, the contents of the HKLM\Software\Esri and HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Esri registry keys.

Second, will you please send us a log of the Desktop install attempt?  To create a msi log, open a cmd prompt and run something like the following: "<path to your .msi>\setup.msi /L*v C:\Logs\DesktopInstall.log".  (You can specify your own name and path for the log file.)

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Good day

I am also having a similar pop up message trying to install 10.8. I have uninstalled other versions previous installed in the machine. Kindly assist.

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Be sure and do a full restart to make sure there aren't headless ArcGIS processes going and try again.

@MatthewBliss 's suggestion above is really good, sometimes you see messages in the log file that point you to the problem.

If that does not work, I highly recommend contacting tech support as they can help you without breaking your system, which is a real possibility when doing this kind of 'surgery' on your Windows desktop.

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