upgrade Geodatabase 10.4.1 to 10.8 error

08-05-2020 01:47 AM
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I am trying to upgrade my enterprise Geodatabase in 10.4.1 to 10.8.i have MSSQL Server 2019 and ArcGIS 10.8.

The upgrade button in Geodatabase properties says

"This 10.4.1 Geodatabase matches the ArcGIS release you are currently using however, the databse internal such as stored procedures can be upgraded"

I want to upgrade the Geodatabase to 10.8. Can anyone help me what could be the problem.

i read that while upgrading from Geodatabase 10.4.1 or earlier, all locators in the Geodatabase must be deleted. i dont know what this means??? i dont have any locaters in my Geodatabase.


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Hi there,

Have you tried running the "Upgrade Geodatabase" tool in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro? If so, do you recieve the same error as you saw when attempting to upgrade from the GDB properties?

I'd also recommend checking a few items before attempting this upgrade documented here. There are a number of action items such as ensuring that the SQL Server and ArcGIS version combination is compatible, using the ArcPy Describe function to determine if the geodatabase can be upgraded, and more. 

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Thank you Jack for the reply. The Upgrade Geodatabase tool' also gives this error.

I have checked all the things to do before the upgrade. The Geodatabase 10.8 is compatible with MSSQL Server 2019(64).

ERROR 001046
The geodatabase is already at the current release and cannot be upgraded.
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Sorry, no answer, but we've the same here, but Oracle and 10.2.2 >>10.6.1

Any ideas anyone?


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