Transfer license from one server to anther fail

06-29-2015 10:44 PM
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One of the options of the license server is to transfer permanently licenses from one server to another.

You need to give the server name, the EFL of the license you need and the number of licenses and the licenses are moving permanently to local icense server.

It is working but I get errors in some cases.

I can get one Standard license and 10 3D licenses from machine A to B.

When I try to get 2 (or any number different then 1) Standard licenses and 10 #D I get an error.

There are no detailed error messages.

Anybody run into this problem?



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Hi Mody,

What are the versions of the license managers?

Have you tried transferring 2 or more no. of Standard licenses alone (without any extension)? What is the outcome?

Also check the remaining no. of licenses for each product in the parent License Server Administrator.

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License manager 10.3

Even if you try Standard only you can not transfer more then 1 license.

There are many Standard licenses in the server we try to transfer from.



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I was able to reproduce this behavior in both 10.3 and 10.3.1 License Manager.

A bug has been submitted for this issue: BUG-000088766

Until the issue is addressed, I recommend deauthorizing the licenses from the parent license manager and then authorizing them on the second license manager to get larger numbers of licenses moved.

I hope this helps!