Marker symbols always rotate w data frame

02-15-2019 11:42 AM
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Running 64-bit ArcMap 10.4.1, Windows 7.

I uncheck the 'rotate w dataframe' option in Advanced ArcMap Settings, but when I reopen Advanced Settings the box is checked again. 

I've made sure there's nothing Arc related running in Task Master, unchecked the box, rebooted, but then somehow the option is still checked, and marker symbols rotate w dataframe rotation.  Running Advanced Settings as admin, full rights on the pc.

RotateWithTransform is in the Registry, in the proper place, with a value of zero, but it's just not working correctly.

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I am experiencing the same thing at 10.7, unchecked advanced setting and registry entry is set at 0. Did you ever figure this out?

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